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The Sestante bottlings are an attractive target for fakers. During my search for them I noticed several differences on the label of several of them. One of them involves the neck label. On the right there is shown two neck labels of the 54.8% Sestante. Notice the difference of the corners of both lables: one has 'square' corners whereas the other has 'rounded' corners.

The 20 years old 43% also can be found with these varying neck labels. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do a head-to-head tasting to find out what is going on here.




The other difference involves the font type and % vol indication at the bottom of the label. The picture on the right clearly shows the use of a different font type on the label of the same Sestante. The same holds for the 75 cl text (not visible). Also notice that the 'vol' text is absent on the left bottle.

The following questions can be raised: Is one of them fake or was it just sloppiness of the bottles at the time? And, if one of them is fake, which one is it? But why would someone make a nice job in copying the bird picture and mess up with the font type of the text below it?

If you know the answers, please let me know.