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Operational: 1833-1983.

Region: Eastern Highlands.
Neighbours: Glen Garioch and Macduff
Address: Invernettie, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 0XY.
Last owner: Withbread
Current owner: Score Europe Limited
Glenugie Distillery was Scotland 's most easterly distillery. It was situated near the port of Peterhead where the River Ugie meets the sea. Its water source was from local springs.
Peterhead is the second largest town in Aberdeenshire, 32 miles north of Aberdeen, situated on a promontory, the most easterly point of mainland Scotland, projecting into the North Sea, Peterhead Bay lies to the south and the River Ugie to the north. Peterhead was granted burgh of barony in 1593. In 1820 Peterhead was one of the largest whaling ports; today it is an important fishing port and service base with heliport for the North Sea oil and gas off-shore Riggs. Peterhead was founded by the Keith Earls in 1587 and developed as a planned settlement. The harbour area was developed during 18th century. Peterhead is a busy town popular with tourists; there are supermarkets, main chain-stores and shops, inns, pubs and hotels. The town’s buildings are mainly red granite with some interesting architecture, including the Parish Kirk built in1804 and the Town House built in 1788, with a tall steeple and a four faced clock, out in front stands a statue of Field Marshall Keith. To the north-west of town beside the Ugie are the remains of castles Inverugie and Ravenscraig. The Arbuthnot Museum contains interesting information on the history of the fishing and whaling industries. Peterhead also has both a 9 and 18-hole golf course.
Meaning of Glen Ugie in Gaelic: "Glen of the ugie" Glen (Anglicised Scottish Gaelic word for gleann, river valley in mountain or hill country) ugeach (Scottish Gaelic - nook or hollow). From http://www.peatfreak.com/art-distillery-names-pronunciation.php
This is how it is pronounced: Glen Ugie (wav) or Glen Ugie (au)
Glenugie has never been sold as an official bottling during its lifetime, with all of its output going into blends. Most of it probably went into the Long John as well as Withbread’s other blends in the 1960’s: Islay Mist and Black Bottle.
The first known single malt bottlings of Glenugie are two Cadenhead dumpy from 1959.
Glenugie only operated for four years between the first and second world war (1923-1924 and 1937-1939).
Micheal Jackson about Glenugie in the first edition of his Companion (1989): ‘Glenugie had plenty of character, but the elements are not well combined or balanced’.
91 different Glenugie bottlings are known so far.