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It all started when I bought my first Whisky Passion magazine (number 3 2006). This issue contains an article on Dutch Connection including a list of recommended whiskies. One of the recommendations was Glenugie Sestante 1967 – 1989, 59.5%. Not only because of its nice label but also because of its unique strawberry and raspberry taste. Being an addict to raspberries and whisky lover I decided I had to taste this Glenugie. So I visited the Whisky Festival in Groningen where I knew Dutch Connection would exhibit their rare old and unique whiskies. After having circled around for a while I spotted a closed Glenugie Sestante. Not the 59.5% but the 43%. Nevertheless I asked if I could taste it. After some hesitation Bert Vuik of Dutch Connection gave me a sample (the bottle was meant for a masterclass later to be given at the festival). And here I was lost.

The last cask ....

Several days later I e-mailed Bert and asked him if he had some more Glenugies. He gave me a list of then, including amongst others the Sestante 59.5, several Cadenhead dumpies and the Samaroli 1966. I ordered a sample of each of them and collected it at Bert’s office almost the same week. Tasting could start! To my relief and contrasting to Michael Jackson’s remark in his Malt Whisky Companion none of the samples tasted medicinal.

Meanwhile I became active on E-bay, almost fanatically looking for new bottles. Also I visited most of the European webshops. Not very healthy for your wallet I must admit. Nevertheless, slowly the collection of Glenugies started to grow. Why do I collect them? To be honest, I don’t know. Probably it is a combination of the fact that the distillery is gone, the name just sounds nice, the whisky tastes extremely good and it is rather joyful to search, bid and negotiate for new bottles on the internet and in shops. And the smell of green apples was just so enjoying! And addicting as well: I wanted more bottles and I felt I needed to do something to honor this wonderful little distillery that is lost for ever. This website is the outcome of that felling. I hope you enjoy browsing and perhaps reading it.