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Glenugie and Free Masonry?!

I found this antique Glenugie ribbon some time ago on E-bay. The seller only knew that it was from an estate in the Cleveland Ohio area and that the former owner was a Mason...

Its size is about 10x4 centimeters.

If you know more about this ribbon please send me an e-mail. I am very curious about this Glenugie Club in Barre, VT.


Sofar, somebody responded who has an identical ribbon in her possession. It was owned by her husband's maternal grandfather  who was born in Aberdeen and died there in the 1960's. In 1993 she travelled to Barre, Vermont to the Masonic Lodge but were unable to learn anything about the Glenugie Club. Certainly no one seemed to know anything about it. What she can tell is that her husband's grandfather worked as a stone mason in the quarry at Barre for 9 years in the 1930's. He was captain of the chapters' soccer team and also formed his own concert party(band) for touring and entertaining in the area. He worked at MacKay Granite(?) Aberdeen until his 80's having seen 5 generations come and go. She thinks that members of the Glenugie Club may have been Scottish and perhaps were indeed the soccer team itself.







If you want to ask me questions about Glenugie please don’t hesitate to ask them; just send me an e-mail.

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